Our Vision

Building Independence in the Autism Community

What we are doing..

1by1 Foundation is establishing, building and supporting communities for young adults experiencing autism in their lives and that are transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

Help us provide....

a Gymnasium and Activity Center.

A live-in assistant 24/7 per unit

On going education​

Hand-on-hand training.​

Sport and Music programs.

Grocery store

Job Center

Fruit & Vegetable Garden

In addition the "Job Center"

A “Job Center” with opportunities based on their abilities and skills, for example, assembling, labeling, baking, sewing, gardening, etc. We will be making products that can proudly say, “Made in the USA”. These job trainings and classes will not only challenge them to learn new skills which will help them be more independent in the future, but will also bring job opportunities for many professionals, helping us create a team that will cover all the basic necessities and daily routines of each individual living.

Every unit will have 3 to 4 separate apartments with a live-in assistant who will be responsible for coordinating their activities, events and personal appointments.

What we envision....

We truly envision this dream will become a reality, not only because Diego is growing and getting close to be an adult, but also because we believe this is our appointed destiny.

Diego is our inspiration, our “miracle boy”, our LIFE, but we also understand that it will benefit generations to come and will bring peace & hope to all those parents that, like us, are constantly worrying about who will take care of their sons and daughters when they no longer can.

We BELIEVE it is possible, all it takes is understanding, faith, love and lots of support. Together we can build a better world, especially for those living within the spectrum of AUTISM.

We bless you, The Ocasio Family!!

Get Involved

There are many ways to support 1by1 Foundation. Whether it’s buying furniture or making candles there are ways to support contact us today.


Support us and change the course of people experiencing autism today!